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Image of bespoke chaise longue from our freeform collection called Ligamentum III. Made in oak and fabric.
Top view of Ed, Edd & Eddy a set of three tables shown in book matched walnut
A detail of bespoke dining table top in oak, maple and burr poplar
Bespoke chest of drawers from the Ripples Collection, with the ripple engulfing the whole piece of furniture. Ash exterior and walnut and cedar interior.
Detail showing Edward Johnson's silver hallmarked maker's mark. An oval disc with his fingerprint etched into the surface
Bespoke coffee table called 'Ligamentum I' from our freeform collection. The legs are curved and sculptural and made from walnut, The table top is glass.
Images show our limited-edition sculptural clothes valet called 'undressed' hung on a white wall in a room setting.
Bespoke compact chest of drawers using our Murano in-house veneers made in walnut and oak.
Nest of three tables show in a room setting next to a sofa to show scale.
Extending bespoke dining table with book match burr walnut top and sculptural metallic-finish base.

Bespoke Furniture

We design and create innovative bespoke furniture

About Us

We have been commissioned to design and make bespoke furniture for a range of clientele, from first-timers to seasoned collectors and all those in between. We pride ourselves on listening and understanding your requirements so we can tailor the commission specifically for you. From the outset, our aim is to work closely with all our clients to produce the highest standards and client satisfaction. We have a wealth of experience to offer through every stage of the project to completion. Our clients, found locally, across Britain and even worldwide are a mix of private patrons, architects and interior designers.



Download a copy of our latest publication, ‘Edward Johnson – Crafting Innovative Furniture’.

This book showcases a range of our bespoke furniture and provides an insight into our workshop, facilities and various bespoke collections.



A Client’s Perspective

‘We have commissioned a number of challenging and innovative pieces from Edward over the past three years. Not only is he a fine craftsman, but he has the rare ability to combine a flair for design with a keen understanding of the materials he works with. At a personal level he is a pleasure to work with, has a professional approach and a commitment to realising and enhancing your vision of the concept you are commissioning, rather than seeking to override it. We firmly believe that Edward is one of the finest cabinet makers of his generation, with a reputation that grows with each new piece of beautiful and unusual furniture he creates.’
Robert D. and Dawn C.

How We Work

Due to the complex nature of our bespoke furniture we usually only have two projects being made in the workshop at any one time. This usually means that we have a lead time on projects so clients are encouraged to get in touch at the earliest opportunity. After you make contact, Edward will work with you through a number of processes that make up a typical commission – The Brief – Designing – Ordering – Scheduling – Making – Finishing & Delivering. You will experience a personal and professional service and an exquisite end product that enhances your home, reflects your lifestyle and is a pure delight to use. Delve deeper into the commissioning process


Our first objective is to work closely with you to set the brief from which Edward will start exploring various ideas. The brief can be as detailed or as broad as you wish and will include things such as timescale, budget, design styles, lifestyle, functional requirement, usability and wood preferences. We urge you not to build too detailed a picture before contacting us, remember we have a wealth of experience and advice to give and often the best commissions are those where clients work closely with us from the outset. Edward prides himself on listening to you, understanding your needs and tailoring the commission so that it is personal to you. Delve deeper into the designing process

Our Workshop

Our workshop is at the very heart of our business. Based in rural Bosham, on the West Sussex / Hampshire border, it is surrounded by beautiful countryside and an inspiring place to work and something we are immensely proud of. With a team of highly skilled craftsmen we are perfectly positioned to develop the form and function of a piece from initial concept to reality. Take a closer look at our workshop

Client Experience

Clients are always welcome and positively encouraged to visit the workshop to discover first-hand the craftsmanship and expertise that bring our challenging designs together; from seeing rough sawn planks of timber transform into exquisite pieces of handmade furniture. Should you choose an oil finish over a lacquer finish for your furniture, you will be invited by Edward to visit the workshop to apply the final coat of oil if you wish. It’s an excellent way of learning first-hand how to maintain your piece of furniture. Contact us

Maker’s Mark

Edward Johnson has a unique maker’s mark; a hallmarked solid silver fingerprint which is inlaid into the piece of furniture in a location of your choice. Towards the end of the project we will discuss the positioning of the fingerprint with you. We recommend it is placed in a discreet but noticeable position, adding the finishing touch to a piece of furniture future generations will cherish. Contact us


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