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Commissioning Us

We have been commissioned to design and make furniture for a range of clientele, from first-timers to seasoned collectors and all those in between. Whether you live locally, across Britain or abroad, our personal service, creative aptitude and attention to detail has ensured successful collaborations with private and professional clients worldwide.



We produce one-off pieces of furniture in response to our client’s brief. Each brief varies from project to project and results in every commission being a unique process. We pride ourselves on listening, understanding your needs, and tailoring the commission specifically to you.

From a client’s perspective, the first stages are the most involved, and it is important that you allow time to meet with us and discuss your ideas. We don’t expect you to know exactly what you want from the start, and we urge you not to build up a too detailed picture in the first instance. Remember that we have a wealth of experience and advice to give and often the best commissions are those where we work closely with you right from the outset. Regardless of the stage of your ideas, the commissioning process starts with you getting in touch with us.

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