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For us it is vital that the designing doesn’t stop when it leaves the drawing board. As designer-makers we have a hands-on relationship with our furniture, which allows us to constantly develop the designs as they evolve into three dimensional objects. By remaining a small team and making everything in our own workshop we consider every single detail, from hand selecting the most suitable timber to choosing the best grain for individual components. Whether there is a complicated technical challenge, an issue with the function of a piece, or simply a chamfer needs applying or adjusting, we are suitably placed to fine tune it. This rare working relationship we have with our furniture is at the heart of our business, and fundamental in making sure our clients are happy, and that we continue to produce some of the very finest handcrafted furniture in the country.



At the crux of creating our furniture is the ability of our craftsmen to manipulate and engineer wood to an exceptional level. We understand our materials in great depth, whether solid, veneered or laminated, we know its limitations and we look for its capabilities. We work with a range of tools, from high-tech digital machinery, to hand tools that are steeped in history and they all have a shared and equally important role to play in the making of our furniture.

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