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Ordering & Pricing

After agreeing on the finalised design and quotation we will provide a payment schedule that breaks down the commission into stage payments. The payment schedule will vary in relation to the size of the project.

For all projects a £600 deposit is required before we begin any design work.

Stage Payments:
Orders up to £10,000 are paid in instalments of 50% (minus deposit), 40% and 10% upon delivery.
Orders over £10,000 are paid in instalments of 30% (minus deposit), 30%, 30% and 10% upon delivery.

Next, we schedule your design for production in our workshop. At each stage, we will keep you fully up to date with your project, and where possible, send you workshop photographs of your furniture in progress. We will always work closely with you and keep you informed every step of the way.


We understand that commissioning furniture is not the cheapest option and we are always exceptionally grateful to all our patrons that keep our skill and craft alive. The simple reason for the cost is the one-off nature and the reality that it takes hundreds of hours to produce such an individual product. For each finished piece of furniture there are numerous unseen drawings, prototypes, jigs and spare parts. For example, set of 12 chairs we recently made had more than 60 jigs and took nearly 3 months to produce!

We take great pride in working within our client’s budgets and throughout the design process we will discuss with you what is achievable. Each project is priced in relation to labour and material costs. Following the presentation, we are always happy to increase or decrease the design specification and material choice in line with your budget.

Our furniture portfolio contains guide prices wherever possible, to help you with your budget.

Here are few examples of minimum costs you should allow when considering your project:
For a non-extending dining room table allow £6,000 upwards; for an extending dining table allow £10,000 upwards, for each dining chair allow £1,000 upwards, for a sideboard allow £7,000 upwards, for a coffee table £3,000 upwards, for a nest of tables allow £2,000 upwards, for a chest allow £2,000 upwards, for a desk allow £6,000 upwards.

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