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We take great pride in working within our clients’ budgets and throughout the design process we will discuss with you what is achievable. Each project is priced in relation to labour and material costs. Following the presentation, we are always happy to increase or decrease the design specification and material choice in line with your budget.

Here are few examples of minimum costs you should allow when considering your project:
Non-extending dining room tables – allow £6,000 upwards
Extending dining tables  – allow £8,500 upwards
Dining chairs – allow £1,000 upwards
Sideboards – allow £5,000 upwards
Coffee tables – allow £3,000 upwards
Nest of tables – allow £2,000 upwards
Blanket chests – allow £3,000 upwards
Desks – allow £5,500 upwards
Bookshelves – allow £2,500 upwards

Payments Schedule

As each item is made to commission exclusively for you, we use a stage payment system as follows:

Orders up to £10,000 are paid in instalments of 50% (minus deposit*), 40% and 10% upon delivery.
Orders over £10,000 are paid in instalments of 30% (minus deposit*), 30%, 30% and 10% upon delivery.

* Please note a £600 deposit is required before we can start any design work. A full payment schedule will be outlined in your quotation.

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